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FAQ Estate Sale Clients

Here are some questions that come up regularly when discussing the services we provide to those wishing to hold an estate sale. If you can’t find an answer to your question here, please feel free to contact us at

If you are interested in attending and shopping at one of our estate sales, please visit the FAQ page for shoppers.  

If you are a probate/estate attorney or a realtor, please visit our FAQ page for professionals. 

What is an estate sale?


An estate sale is an efficient and safe way of selling most, if not all, of the contents of a home. These sales take place in the home where the property is kept, thereby eliminating the need to move household items to another location. An estate sale is a timely, convenient, and easy manner in which to liquidate property that you or your family already own.


When is it appropriate to hold an estate sale?


Estate state sales usually take place after someone passes away, but in recent years more and more people are having them when they relocate a long distance from their current home, downsize to a smaller space, or transition to assisted living.  Reclaiming Mia can help you handle the expense of a life change by selling items you no longer need but that still have value and are of use to someone else.


I am staying in my home but want to declutter. Can we have a sale while I still live in my home?


We are pleased to offer you the option of a safe and convenient online auction. We will come to your home, photograph your items in place, and upload them to our auction site. At the end of the auction, we will arrange for buyers to pick up their items outside of your home, under our careful supervision. Contact us at for a free consultation or to learn more about this convenient service.


For the safety of the homeowner, it is not advisable to have a traditional, in-person estate sale in an occupied home.



Is an estate sale eco-friendly?


In our 15 years of estate sales, we have kept TONS of useful, quality goods from ending up in landfills. Estate sales embrace the concept of “reuse, repurpose, recycle” by pairing unwanted items with people who need them.


What kind of items are included in an estate sale?


Any items on the property that the owner or remaining family members want to sell is included in the sale. This might include furniture, appliances, lawn care items, tools, artwork, décor items, small electrics like blenders and mixers, kitchenware, flatware, dinnerware, textiles, collectibles, memorabilia, sporting equipment and even vehicles! The more things that are included in the sale the more attractive that sale is to potential shoppers.



I ’m ready to have an estate sale. How can ReclaimingMia help me?


Reclaiming Mia puts its 15 years of experience to use in making your sale as easy and stress-free as possible using these proven steps:


  1. The process begins with a free, 1-hour consultation at the location of the sale. We will walk through the property escorted by you or your agent. We will assess if your location lends itself to a sale (ex. safe entry and exit points, adequate parking for shoppers, etc.) and if you have sufficient items to warrant a sale.

  2. Once you sign the agreement, ReclaimingMia’s staff of estate sale experts will begin decluttering, organizing, cleaning, displaying, and pricing the items available for sale in the home, at no charge to you. We are fully insured for your protection. You will be asked to remove any personal items such as legal documents or mementos you wish to keep. We pride ourselves on doing thorough research to maximize the benefit to the property owners while ensuring that sale shoppers get great value. We pay special attention to high-value, antique, and unique items.

  3. We will promote your sale on the internet, social media and on our website, drawing from our large following of shoppers. We will provide clear and attractive signage so that your sale is easy to find.

  4. Once your sale is concluded you will receive the proceeds minus our commission. It’s just that simple and there are ZERO up-front costs to you.


Contact us at

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