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FAQ for Realtors and Estate Attorneys

What services can ReclaimingMia provide for my clients?

ReclaimingMia is a full-service estate sales company serving Warren, Saratoga, Albany, Rensselaer, Columbia and Greene counties.  We offer professional management of traditional sales, downsizing sales, and cleanouts. We are currently expanding our business to include online auctions for locations where a sale is not feasible or safe.

For over 15 years, we have helped homeowners, and their families raise revenue by liquidating unwanted items. At a ReclaimingMia sale everyone wins: the sellers get revenue and a cleaned-out home, our shoppers get great values on items they need, and our realtors get exposure and a streamlined sale.


How can ReclaimingMia help realtors and attorneys to better serve their clients?   

As a realtor, probate attorney, or estate representative, working with ReclaimingMia means that your client’s items will be liquidated in a safe, timely and convenient way. This makes divesting themselves of the property that much easier because:

  • Owners can utilize the funds raised for repairs and improvements, increasing the home’s value.

  • An organized, uncluttered home is more attractive to potential buyers.

  • Having a safe, and cost-effective way to empty the home alleviates worries for both the estate/owner and buyer.

  • Removing personal items makes it easier for homeowners and loved ones to let go of a property.  


What specific services do you offer to realtors? 

ReclaimingMia offers realtors and brokers exposure to our vast community of followers, many of whom are in the market for a home of their own. Our shoppers often enquire of us if the sale location is available for purchase, and we are happy to connect you to these potential buyers. If the home has not yet sold, we will prominently display your MLS listing flyers or other provided literature. If the home has sold, we welcome you to provide us with listings of available properties you think might appeal to our customers. We will also prominently display your business card or brochures.


Why should realtors or attorneys recommend ReclaimingMia over other companies? 


Like you, we understand that transitions are very difficult. Long-time residents and their families are often hesitant to let go of a home, its contents, and the cherished memories within. Family dynamics can often be complex and at odds with the wishes of a decedent. Our approach is to always be respectful and sensitive to the emotions of the people involved. We are invested in their well-being. We ensure that they are comfortable letting go, which makes moving forward, and the disposition of the estate, easier for everyone.


How do we learn more about working with ReclaimingMia?

Our team of estate sales professionals are happy to provide you with a free initial in-person or phone consultation. If access is an issue, we can provide you with a preliminary assessment based on photos.

ReclaimingMia is happy to share our 15 years of experience with interested realtors and attorneys. We can provide a brief presentation on our many services, at your location and at your convenience. Please contact us at


What do your services cost?

We are commission based so there is no up-front cost for our services. Our commission works on a sliding scale based on the items available for sale. After performing a thorough site visit, we will determine the potential value of the items present. The percentage of our commission is determined at that time. If the homeowner or estate agrees, we will proceed with the preparations for the sale.

Contact us today at

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